Monday, 30 April 2012


Seminar 2

Amnesty International held a commemorative seminar on the legal situtation of human rights workers in Mexico last Friday. The event was to commemorate two workers killed in 2010 during a humanitarian aid mission to San Juan Copala, Oaxaca, Jyri Jaakkola and Bety CariƱo. Their group was ambushed and Bety and Jyri were shot to death.
The legal case for both of their murder is still open.
More on Jyri
And Bety

Now, in Finnish terms, taking 2 years to get anyone indicted is not a long time. It's not even a long time to get a list of suspects. But since this was an international incident, one that caused some friction between Mexico and Finland (at least, there have been political steps taken, whether or not those actually have or have had any consequences to anyone is another matter), people are anxious to get results. Results that would  prove to us westerners that Mexico is a safe place to invest in and functions according to standards we want them to.

The seminar was more than interesting and well attended. Not only was the case and it's current situation discussed, the theory of enforcing human rights on an international level was too. In the collective consciousness it has become or has been as long as the centre for world media has been in the western countries, the "job" or the right of the west to judge. That is the collective consciousness. The situation also distracts from objectively looking at our own violations. Finland still has political prisoners. Not spies or even foreingers that the people could classify as "other". We imprison our own. And Amnesty hasn't been happy about that.
It further distracts from objectively viewing the common good because it can always be said that you only take actions that benefit yourself.

There's a spark there. A spark of things I can do. Of things I need to do.

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