Sunday, 29 April 2012

A few words on sex and love

The internet (and the world) is filled with many wonderful people. When we stop listening to what they say, we start forgetting that. To prove how awesome people are, here're a few videos by people you should definitely listen to. In the case of John Green, you should also read his books. As you grow older you sometimes think that you automatically aquire skills to deal with your life and emotions when in fact, you don't. Skills are learned. Just as you have to learn how to walk and how to talk, you have to learn how to understand other people and how to deal with situations in life. Situations such as love and intimacy. And that intimacy does not mean sex, just as virility does not mean sexually promiscuous. Words: we need to learn them and use them and not just assume. Makes things so much easier for absolutely everyone.

Knowledge sets you free. It also makes your brain very happy. DFTBA

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