Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Guilty of stereotyping?

All of us probably are at some point. But it's never too late to stop doing that.
Regardles of skin colour, religious convictions, family relations, gender, medical history, body shape, hobbies, home country... yup, we're all just people:

Monday, 3 September 2012


traveling 2

My gran turned 85 this past Tuesday. Because it was Tuesday, there was no celebrating. Tuesdays are like that.
Instead we celebrated yesterday.

traveling 3

Family gatherings are by nature a mixed bag. You don't get to pick your family. You can divorce one and you can choose to not have anything to do with them, but going by pure biology, family members are the ones that are the least likely to eat you alive. Which is nice.
And in spite of all the differences in methods of communication between us (or lack of methods), there is a lot of love in my family. And I'll be forever grateful for that.

So Happy birthday, Grandma! Hope to see you again before you turn 90!

Oh, and the saunas and the nature were rawking. You don't get to wash your face in pure lake-water, sitting at the end of a pier too often. Quiet lake with a family of swans swimming around at the other side of the lake is definitely a good way to start the day.