Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hey kids, mugs!

There's going to be an event on food and culture, a food culture event even, in Mexico DF this month and I made some mugs to be sold there that're supposed to represent Finland and our native culture in some way. So yeah, after F1 and alcohol were eliminated, I opted for subjects that are supposedly as inoffensive as possible: nature and the native arts that we're doing a pretty good job at trying to ignore. Excuse the hint of snark there. The saami-people are not so much a political hot potato as they used to be, but indigenous peoples and urban cultures and all that...

Anyhooty. Here're the products that are going to be on sale. first image is a wood grouse, the second is a very liberal take on figures used in shaman witch drums. Very liberal. And hopefully I didn't just take anyone's cultural heritage and crap on it.

Metso-mug, blue
Metso-mug, red
Lapland themed mug

And here're a couple of sketches that were not used:

Mug sketch 2
Mug sketch


  1. Thankies, possum! :) Hope they sell well.

  2. I really love the bottom sketch one. With the moose, bear and wabbit. It's awesome. You should finish that one off. It's just wonderful! Love all the others too, but that one just grabbed me :)

    1. I just might. With Zazzle I wont have the same size limitations. :)