Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Avengers

Hulk and Loki

So.. yeah. I went to see the Avengers.

What can I say? It's exactly like all the Avengers comics ever. Well, the better ones at any rate. I'm trying very hard to ignore all the ones with the "strong female characters" (oh the T&A.. it's fracturing my fragile little spine!) or the cannibalism or the incest or other foolery that gets mistaken for dark and edgy.

If I could just make one request here on superhero comics in general it's would you please please please forget that you ever heard the words "dark" or "edgy". There, forgotten? Good. Now let's never ever use those words ever again when it comes to superhero comics.

The movie? It's not brilliant or deep or multilayered. It's superheores. It's fun and power poses and Hulk Smash and basically just the things that drew you to read those comics before those two words we've now forgotten were introduced to the canon. All that's missing is black hats and mustaches.
And the ending tickled my geek-bone silly.
And I definitely can't say anything more about that because it would spoil everything if you haven't seen the movie.

More of this sort of thing, please.


  1. I really want to see this. Remember when Hawkeye was the leader of the Avengers? ...or are you too young for that? Anyway, I loved that span of years because the comics didn't take themselves too seriously.

    At all.

    1. I never really followed Avengers that much. More of a JLA kind of a gal, really. And that's because they didn't take themselves seriously. Well.. they did, there's some dark stuff there, but in the 80s they were big on being drawn realistically and having witty banter on account of wearing skin tight costumes and that's really all I cared about. My big green man cares about his milk and Oreos more than his dignity. XD
      Also: Miracle Man and Big Barda. <3
      You should definitely go see it. Just don't expect it to be cerebral in any way.