Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Doing things in short sentences

Feeding mah brain

There have been so many awesome things going on that updating anything has fallen by the wayside like a disoriented cyclist: my classes started. As you can see by the doodly doo on top, the brain does love a cup o' intellectual challenge. The classes provide. This has made it pretty clear that I'm going to be a scientist when I grow up. So there ya go.

Then I read a very interesting book on how the internet affects our brains and though I haven't read all the reference material (which I should), it has given me the impetus to do a few things: firstly I'll start linking to things not in the text, but after the text. This is to make things needlessly complicated for anyone reading. Actually, it's to allow whoever might read this to read in peace and let their brain relax into the process. Secondly, I'll be taking non-connected days. Haven't quite figured out which day of the week yet, but Wednesday or Thursday sounds like a good idea. I don't actually have to be logged on to anywhere these days, to post an update. This is why most sites provide "scheduled updates". It is nifty. I shall take advantage. This is to allow for my own brain to relax into reading and doing research for whatever I'm researching at the time. Or, like, go out. You know, into meat space.

I swear someone will create a social networking thing eventually and call it MeatSpace. "Tens of tables! In a single room! All new people! Come join us in MeatSpace!"

Thirdly, I'm sort of setting up a new blog here on Blogger, for reviews. It's still in pieces, so I'm not going to link to it before I get the thing going. If anyone is interested in seeing things from me more regularly, I suggest checking the Tumblr-blog. I'm trying to post there daily, or as close to that as I can manage. "But all that sounds like a whole lot of work and a lot of things to update!" you might say if you were either talking to me or talking to yourself while reading this. It sort of is and is not. Doodling doesn't take time. Doing an actual piece of work with recognizable people or backgrounds and colours and plot and things like that does take up more than a hour, but that's still not an overwhelming chore. The new blog.. well, if you look to the right side of this blog, you might notice that I've taken down one of the ads for my Zazzle stores. I went back and forth a long while with that and eventually came to the conclusion that there were more valid reasons for me to not keep up with the store I originally opened. It's still there, but I'm not going to be putting any effort into it. Haven't exactly decided if I might close it entirely, but for now, it'll just sit there on it's own. My time and energy are directed elsewhere. Hence some things get chucked out for not serving valuable purposes and other things are taken up.

Books. Books are taken up. Books are good. Also, being outside is good.

The shallows

This is a good book. Go read it now. The Queen of Everything commands thee. I think it's pretty cool too. :D

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