Sunday, 14 October 2012

Bee democracy

The bee "hive mind" turns out to be more like a very functioning form of democracy:

Now given all this, consider your last election (or the next one coming up); how many of the candidates will you go see in person? How many of them will you look into more closely to know what their opinions really are as opposed to what they might say in a public speaking engagement where the main focus is to be incredibly vague so as to not upset anyone. Or will you just form your opinion based on what this or that person heard someone might have tweeted at some point and man, that jacket does NOT look good on him/her and besides, their name sounds a bit like the name of someone that's a total buttnugget. Will you vote at all?

The bees do make a very compelling case for forming your own opinion and then making an interpetive dance out of it.

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