Sunday, 16 December 2012

That video-thing and blogging

So I started this video.. thingy. Series. I suppose that's a fair description.
There's a vague idea I have of where it's going though it's just going to develop and unfold in it's own sweet time. If you've seen the Truman Show or Le Quattro Volte, then you know what sort of a thing I'm going for.  It's basically a video blog. Vlog, I'm told some kids say. Just... life, as it is. I'm just having fun with this ability to record video. I'll be uploading these for the next year (2013) on Tuesdays and Saturdays unles I not be near a computer when there's need for editing and uploading.

Out of these two though, I have to say I'm not entirely happy with #2, but there ya go. I set a schedule and that was the material I had, so... lesson learned; always do a little extra work.

On the rest of the blogging thing: I'm trying to get a list of topics together that I'll be writing about on here. 30 or so items. That would be something I'll post weekly, something more generally useful that requires a wee bit of research on my part and not just a butt load of rage-enduced opinions. That would be the written blog part for 2013: about one generally helpful post per week. Possibly other, less helpful posts around those. Next year's just going to be a tiny bit busy as far as I can tell, so I'm tying to not schedule myself into knot before it's even started. These video things don't really take that much time though.. but still. Someone stop me before I get too much ahead of myself.
So yeah, what with the book projects and studying and studying some more for exams and probably working for The Man a bit to pay for traveling.. I'd say it's looking kind of busy.
Now excuse me while I lazy a bit for tomorrow, because I got applications to send off on Monday. :) Edit: I've heard it said that people who make videos on YouTube are either bored or lonely. If you watched the two videos I posted there, you might make some guesses if that is an accurate assumption. XD

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