Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A most useless word

Gif by Nicolas Monterrat

"Can't" is the most useless word on it's own. Can't or cannot, they both convey the same: I will not and do not want to speak what is on my mind. I daren't admit to myself.
I dare not and will not tell you or anyone for fear of being less than perfect, for fear of other alternatives.

"Can't" on it's own is just a distraction. An illusion of certainty. A wall of our own design.
"Can't" is just a useless word, for useless fear, to deliberately bind.

When you "can't" you really could, but "can't" is such an easy word, so much easier to mouth and stomach than "I do not have the time right now" or "I do not want to". Shorter than "I do not know" and "I would have to learn" for sure. It saves you from admitting to your humanity.

Isn't that worth hanging on to?

I cannot hang on to things that are useless because I do not want to.

Now "want" on the other hand, is about as precise and clear as words come.

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