Wednesday, 18 July 2012


This is pretty much what I do for at least 4 hours per day:

Or, you know, try to do, and end up trying to set up the tinies goals for myself such as aligning a piece of a single image on a single item before I'm allowed to take a break so that maybe, just maybe, I'd end up over-doing myself, exceeding my own miniscule expectations, and aligning TWO (2) pieces of that single image.

 Picture found online from here.

This is me working.
And this post is about not being addicted to brain crack but getting the derps out of my head and flourishing in the great wide world as soon as the derps appear. And by derps I mean ideas. Sometimes they fail in a stunami of firey explosions and sometimes they turn into beautiful butterflies. Fly little derps, fly!
This post is also about distracting myself from drawing a version of an 1996 Liefeld drawn Captain America comics book cover.
I want to and yet I fear I could not do it proper justice. So I derp.
But hey, at least I got other important stuff done while trying to avoid doing that one! #winning

Right. Captain America coming up tomorrow. Stay tuned! I'm going to bed now.

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