Monday, 17 October 2011

Serious matters are semi-serious

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Now what does that even mean. I guess it means that yes, serious business is serious, but there's a very absurd side to almost everything. It means that while you need to invest yourself 100% to whatever it is you want out of life (or more precisely, whatever it is you want your life to be), if you do so by furrowing your brow so hard your eyes start bleeding, you're doing it wrong. Working hard doesn't mean stop laughing. If you ever find yourself doing that, you're in trouble. What are you really looking for in life if whatever you're doing is not bringing you joy? Are you waiting for someone to come and do things for you? Are you waiting for the unpleasantness to somehow magically turn into whatever it is you're dreaming about?
Life is not a montage.. fortunately. We are priviliged to be present and take part in every single moment of our lives. Even the bits we don't like.

What I'm getting at is a bunch of clich├ęs that make more sense the more you think about them:
"Whatever you do in life, make sure it fulfills 3 basic rules: 1. it serves a purpose, 2. it has beauty, 3. it brings you pleasure." (think about that outside the measures of beauty = photoshopped model in Marie Claire or pleasure = getting your naughty bits out and rubbing them)
"There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going."
"We're all in a rush to get in line to reach our goals until we realise there's no goal, just a line." (Mexican version of the buddhist lesson of not doing your dishes to get the dishes done, but to do them to do the dishes)

Should you choose to accept this mission, you will have to invest +100% of yourself to your life and happiness, be present in every situation of it, listen carefully, love your heart out, wrap yourself in a blanket of awesome positive people and speak up for yourself.
Oh speaking, you elusive beast. As much as we like to produce words and talk, it seems actually talking about the things that matter is the second hardest thing in the world. It's a skill that you have to learn. Learn it, be happy.

On a side note on people who didn't worry too much, it's said that da Vinci had 3 dinner rules:
1. You are not allowed to murder anyone in the table during dinner.
2. You are not allowed to wipe your mouth on anyone else's clothing because..
3. .. that's what the cat tied to the table leg is for

On a side note to that side note in a completely unrelated subject... sort of...; this week will get some art/comics blog stuff going. Hold your breath, plaz. ;)


  1. I am trying my best to accomplish something, and one important things is search for bloggers who shared helpful insights for me to continue writing. I cannot go on with my blogging without the help of bloggers like you. You are a helping hands to many people like me, but you even don't have the idea really. But I am here now to tell you I am inspired of what I had just read. I have to not this, I do my blogging, I write to serve a purpose that my heart know what, and it must be of beauty that people may appreciate upon a glimpse of it at least, and it should give some pleasure to me rather than pressure :) well, I am inspired and reminded by this. See you my friend :)

  2. This blog entry reminds me of a T-shirt I bought crissie when we were trying to find shoes for me. Never did find the shoes, but the shirt is awesome. It has a picture of a coffee cup on it and says, "The little things are the big things."

    Sums up her whole philosophy on life.


  3. <3
    True enough. Pics of Crissie in the shirt, please? :)